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Apex Event Rules
« on: September 25, 2018, 11:26:48 am »
Apex Event Rules
Failure to Follow the Rules will get you banned from all Events.
Us common sense if it feels like cheating it is.

Raid Base’s: Needs Admin to Start
•   Enter at your own risk, you will not be helped in any way by the Admin.
•   Your Goal is to fight and Blow your way through the base to get the Loot inside.
•   You can keep anything you can Loot but you only have a Raid time to Complete after that the base will reset and you will have to start over.
•   Admin will not build or ad any thralls to prevent the raid while you are attempting it.
•   You can Ally up if you would like with other Clans in the attempt, but all Loot will need to be split. 
•   Do not come to me complaining about the other clan raiding with you taking all the loot.  If you feel they betrayed you take it in to your own hands.
•   No Raid towers allowed, No Building in ways to bypass the Defenses is allowed.
•   You can not use the /Home command to leave with Loot.
Arena:  Open or Need Admin for Events.
•   Open anytime to Challenge the Npc’s in the Arena at any time as long as someone did not beat you.  If you kill them you get to keep anything on their body’s. 
•   You may not us a Follower thrall in the Arena.
•   No use of Gas is allowed in the Arena.
•   If you kill the NPC’s please send a message to the Admin to reset the Arena.
•   Events can consist of the following. One vs One, two vs two, Clan vs Clan Battles, Clan Vs Monsters, and a tournament to all Clans that would like to Enter.
Gauntlet: Needs Admin to Run
•   The Gauntlet is set up on the Norther Aqueducts. The object is to run through and survive each stage of the event. 
•   If you make it past the stage you can either choose to loot the chest or move to the next section.   Each section will get harder but the Prize will be worth the risk taken.
•   If you Die you will have to start back at the beginning (Admin will give you the stuff on the Body).
•   You will be given a Max of 5 tries per Player per Week.  If a Player opens a chest they are done running the Gauntlet for that week.
•   If One member of a Clan claims the Last chest in the Gauntlet no other Clan members can challenge the Gauntlet till a new week has started. 
•   Gauntlet Runs from Sunday-Saturday. 
Maze: Needs Admin (Still working on Some Bugs).
•   The Maze is exactly that a Maze filled with Monsters and Boxes with Prizes in them. Your Goal is to Escape the maze with the prizes you find alive.  There is one Portal half way through the Maze, if you can not make if all the way through. If you are however brave enough to make it to the end the prizes will get better but the monsters will also be stronger.
•   You may not Climb on any wall at any time. 
•   You can not use the /home command in side the maze. (Yes, I can tell if you did.)
•   If you Die you party members can keep going or head back to the entrance to get you if they would like.
•   After the last of the Bugs have been worked out the Event will be a Enter at your own risk and Admin will not help in Any Way. 

Hidden Vaults: Anytime
•   Vaults are hidden around the world if you can Find them and Blow them up then you get to keep the Loot.
•   Some are harder than others Please come Prepared.  You can not use the /Home command after you complete the task.
•   Be aware that if you Blow up my Vaults I will but a bounty on your Head.

Tower: Sill in Development. More to Come Soon.

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Re: Apex Event Rules
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2018, 12:09:33 pm »
Looks awesome FD!

By trade, I'm more of a builder/demolition guy than a PvPer, but these events looks awesome. I'm no Gribbly to go powering through the Gauntlet the first week, but I do plan to try these.

Question: Raid Bases. If I happened to find a large reinforced stone structure that says it's owned by FlyingDeath that's not one of the other events, is that a raid base? Are raid bases even something we need to go look for and find, or once we let you know we're going to raid you tell us where at?

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Re: Apex Event Rules
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2018, 07:06:23 am »
Yes the Stone base in the northern land is one of the Raid Bases. I will let you where they are located at.