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Ring of Elysium
« on: September 22, 2018, 08:59:12 am »
It came out this past week. Much like PUBG it's a large arena shooter but this is set in the snow in a mountain region somewhere in the world with a lot of ski lifts.

You can pick your starting point on the map and one of 3 starting kits. One has a hang glider, one a Snowboard and one a climbing kit. The Climbing kit is really better for zip lining from area to area. Seems the Ski Area has lots of zip lines.

Quite a few weapons to fine in and around buildings on the map so always lots of firepower. Quite a few vehicles as well so if you need to the next zone fast you can.

Basically there is a type of blizzard that is coming. You have to go from area to area to avoid being frozen. In the last very small zone a Helicopter flys in and have 4 spots. You have to climb up a ladder to get in which makes it tricky if there are more then 4 people left alive.

You can play third or first person, I find the first person better :) You can also earn points to buy cosmetic changes but at this point, there is nothing really cool as far as that goes.

You can Solo, Duo or Team which I think is 4 but so far I have only been playing Solo.

If anyone wants to check it out look me up and we can team up.