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Hunt Showdown
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:00:44 pm »
Wanted to post a little something about this game after playing in the free weekend they had this past weekend.

So overall a pretty cool game and a bit of a twist on some concepts. First off you have to choose a Hunter to play. Don't get to attached as you will die quite a bit and the Hunters are not persistent unless you survive the match. Usually, you have 4 to choose from and you can cycle through a different random mix if you have less than 4.

Hunters are old west style avatars with a mix of weapons. You can do a bit of customization but at their early levels, you are a bit limited. So you can level a Hunter avatar if you don't die and as you progress him you can customize him a bit more. This is a pretty cool aspect but it also makes you more cautious as you play that guy because you don't want to lose what you have invested.

You as the player also gain experience and that impacts what you can buy and add to the avatars.

The game itself is really pretty cool looking graphically. Set in a swampy area about 1 mile square with a lot of buildings to search and hide in. If you haven't checked out the video yet you should. Go to the link above.

So as a hunter you are tasked with one of a few different missions which usually ends with a boss mob being killed. When you first start the map there are what I have guessed to be 4 teams of 2 people each (it's best to go as a pair but I did win one solo). You are dropped in an area of the map and you want to try and discover the 3 clues as to where the boss mob is. You may not need all 3 or any of them but they help. You find them by hitting the E key and your vision goes into a shadow mode where you can't see much but you can see these blue spotted areas in your vision which show you what direction you need to go. Once you get close to a clue or Rift you get a large blue glow.

So while you are doing this you are having to avoid a crap ton of wandering mobs that are hella dangerous. Most of them are zombie like but there are also hell hounds which will mess your day up quick. Sound plays a big role in this game as well and it's best to be stealth when able.

So as you are looking for clues and avoiding mobs you also have to avoid the other groups of players. It is PVP so they will engage you and try and take you out. If you or your partner fall you can be rezed by the other but you take a big health hit.

So let's say you stay alive long enough to get to the boss mob. This is where it gets really ticky. I played the spider bounty mostly and the spider is fast, usually in a large dark structure and hard as hell to kill. Once you kill it you have to banish the spider's soul (i'm guessing here) which takes a few minutes. As this is happening everyone else also see's its happening and can look and see where so if they are still alive they can come and try and kill you to take the bounty that drops from the boss mob.

If you succeed and kill the boss mob and then hold out for the bounty to drop great. Now you have to exit the map without being killed. If you do get killed someone else can pick up the bounty and exit with it. For sure one of the crazier game modes I have played but it was fun and a bit addicting.

The match I won while Solo I just waited everyone out and found the boss mob shortly after it had killed the team that was working him but they had killed them too. I think the last guy standing killed the spider but died to poison shortly after. So I arrived and looted both of the guys laying on the ground and then banished the spider. Once I picked up the token for the bounty I ran like hell to the extraction point and got out.

Fun game for sure and I may pony up the $30 to play some more. So far they only have the one map that I could tell so it would be cool to see other maps but I have to say this map was really impressive especially when you went into the larger complexes. Sounds and visuals were really good and had just the right amount of atmosphere. If I had to rate it I would say 8 out of 10 with a lot of potential.
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Re: Hunt Showdown
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2018, 05:52:15 am »
Great write-up. It sounds like a mash-up of every MMO game type of the last 20 years in a good way. I'll have to watch a video  :philosiraptor: