Author Topic: Killing the End Dragon again...  (Read 899 times)

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Killing the End Dragon again...
« on: May 16, 2018, 11:05:09 am »
Once the dragon is defeated you get the Dragon egg(only the first dragon will drop an egg), a gateway back and a gateway to the outer islands.

Benefits of re-spawning the dragon:
-opens the other outer islands gateways portals
-get jars of dragons breathe. Adds a splash/area effect to the potions like the end dragon breathe that you collect it from.
-knock out an achievement or two

To open up the other outer island gateways you need to respawn dragon. The Dragon is easy to respawn, just need some ghast tears.

To make it easier than it already is I decided to place a full beacon slightly off of the corner of the gateway in the center of the island. I dug a shaft on the side of the gateway and used an up-down (elevator) slime block flying device to send to the edge of the void. The contraption will halt at the last buildable block point before the void. That is the full beacon of Resistance and regeneration was built. The Dragon will not fly down there unless a player is hanging out there, so it's safe from being eaten by the dragon.

I had equipped was elytra wings, highly enchanted infinity bow and a highly enchanted sword. Along with that, I had stacks of food, empty bottles (for dragon breathe) and heath 2 potions.

off somewhere down our tracks to the first outer island is an ender farm. I used that as a base to store the bottles of dragon breathe I would be collecting during the fight.
After summing the dragon I used my elytra to take out all the end crystals. With only 2/3 armored with wings, I could withstand a point-blank explosion from the ender crystal, with no damage. The caged crystal required you to be close to knock them out quickly. On the others, I used my bow and dive bomb them...took about a 2 minutes to knock them all out... From there I took my time collecting as much dragon breathe that I could carry, after which I killed the dragon.

Once you get wings, you really don't need the extra gateways, the islands start showing up at around 1000 blocks out.

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