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Eco - Game
« on: February 08, 2017, 05:59:02 pm »
Anyone else heard about the game called "Eco"? It's a world simulator that simulates a world with a eco system that you have to survive in without destroying. If you destroy it to bad everything dies and the world will be toast. You have to manage not over hunting or over gathering plants and animals etc. It's really designed to be multiplayer in the since you have to have people that specialize in specific technologies and work together since it near impossible to do everything yourself due to the limited skill point you earn each day.

You can have basic levels in lot of skills but unless you want to spend week or months gathering skill points you can't do everything to the max level yourself. You can implement laws as a community to insure species are not hunted to extinction etc. It's more relaxed then say Wurm and Minecraft in that there are no monsters to kill you etc, and no real death. If you starve then you can't do any manual labor like mine, craft etc so have to manage you food intake, and keep a balanced diet for maximum skill point generation but that as "hardcore" as it gets.

Nice thing is you can work your way up through technology to stuff like wind mills and water wheels to wood/coal burning generators to things like solar panels, and supposedly send power wirelessly. And there is even a setting that on by default where asteroid is head towards the planet so you have to work you way up the tech tree to advert the asteroid hitting with out destroying the planet in the process.

It's list on steam right not but not available till it's out of testing, but you can get into the alpha tests though the games website. Right now it's $40 bucks for 1 copy, $70 for 2, or $120 for 4 copies.

I looking into getting me and mad copies in a few weeks (waiting for damn state tax return, which here in Idaho they use the Soon(tm) tags a lot) so if anyone else is interest let me know, since we can pool our money and get it cheap. It's only $10 cheap for each copy with a 4 pack but I'm a penny pincher and will wait months to buy a game on sale lol.

Here some links to the official website, the steam page, and some Youtuber with their gameplay playlist I watch that are playing with each other so you can better see game play since trailers on steam don't always show you the real game. Also they games official trailer on YouTube

Games home page -
Eco - Global Survival Game - on stema

paulsoaresjr - ECO Gameplay - Global Survival Sandbox
Mojito Mojo - eco Gameplay list

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