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Stationeers - The unforgiving space stations sim
« on: January 02, 2018, 08:20:17 am »
I am a big fan of Astroneers which is an excellent indy base building game.  It is pretty easy to take up and play casually, has great devs, constant improvements and a relaxed playstyle that is sorta like cozying up in front of a fire on a cold day with your pooch at your feet and a good book in your hand.   That can't be said for a new base building game called Stationeers.  What Astroneers lacks in complexity, Stationeers picks up and decided to run with it.  Stationeers is made by, Dean Hall, the original creator of DayZ.

You start the game dropped off on a moon with limited oxygen, power and a few crates to get you started...  Yeah, you heard that right, limited oxygen and power.   Astroneers gives you oxygen and basically gives you power, no so in Stationeers.  You have to begin building solar panels and electrical grid immediately so you can begin your oxygen producing process.   The solar panels have to be manually operated with your wrench to point toward the sun, until you can build and program the logic units and sun sensor to take care of that for you...  It is brutal getting started, and death is always looking over your shoulder, even once you are sort of self sustaining.  You research receipes via a data cartridge and notepad.  Once you have your higher production systems developed, you can research more advanced equipment to eventually get to building a ship to get off the moon.  I haven't made it that far, because in all reality it is probably several months of game time to get to that level, if you don't die first.

Unlike Astroneers, in Stationeers you have to worry about power, oxygen, CO2 buildup, logic system design, electrical fires for poor electrical grid design, deep refining and processing of ores, explosions from not monitoring your gas production and pipe pressures and designing advanced logic network to run machinery.  It is unforgiving to mistakes and everything is done by hand. Example:  Need more O2 in your suit, pull the canister, open valve to evacuate remaining gas, close valve, put on refill station, open valve to refill tank while keeping an eye on pressure gauge, close refill valve, put tank back in suit... whew.  What also makes it hard is the UI, with Astroneers you have your backpack and mining tool on your person, that is it.  With Stationeers, you have helmet functions, suit functions, backpack functions, uniform functions, tool belt functions, left hand and right hand, drop, equip items on items, build menu...  It is a complex GUI to learn and is the main source of grievance on the reviews.  It feels like you are fighting the UI when you first get started, but a couple of hours in and you will become halfway proficient at it and get faster and better with time.  You can tell Stationeers was built by real engineers because it follows SCIENCE so well.  I will say when you get something built and are not immediately concerned with surviving, it does feel like a major accomplishment.

I like the game because it speaks to my OCD, my need to control things my way and my love of all things SCIENCE.  It is deep and getting deeper with every patch and I am happy I bought it because I can see endless replayability with this title, your mileage may vary on if you like a truly hardcore builder or not.  Oh, it is multiplayer co-op so several folks can get together to build, which would take that months I mentioned above down to weeks.

This is Dean Halls announcement of the game.  Keep in mind the video is old as so much has been improved and added since the creation of this video.

Hope you enjoyed my take on this interesting builder,
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