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[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Re: Decay system mechanics
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:09:47 pm »
For what it's worth, I've found that some of this information is already outdated (or bugged)

For example, now presence is enough. I checked my pirate base with a hammer, and merely walking up to the front wall reset the timer to 360 hours. Fish traps also only needed me to stand next to them, but they would only bump up 10 minutes of extra time for each minute that I stood there.

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Re: Decay system mechanics
« on: July 12, 2018, 12:40:13 pm »
Always seems like I forget something...

Just using a door is enough to pause the timer, but not "refresh it". Spending time in/close to the structure is required to refill the timer back up to max. I've seen evidence that leads me to believe that the time is a % of the max. This means a bigger building with a longer decay time will "refresh" bigger chunks each minute, but ultimately need the same amount of time to go from 1% decay cycles remaining to 100% decay cycles as a small building.

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Decay system mechanics
« on: July 12, 2018, 12:35:22 pm »
So information on the decay system is scattered and not entirely accurate because it has changed several times and there are still bugs with it, not to mention a number of different systems in place for various decay items. A few things that I've been able to determine:

1) The "max decay" timer is a combination of base tier and size. So a little sandstone hut will have never get the max decay time and it has to be refreshed a lot more often. A giant tier 3 black ice structure will get the max possible decay timer

2) Using the door is the main trigger to stop the "timer". An hour after a door was used on a structure, the decay timer will begin. This is important, because just visiting a structure is not enough, you must interact with it.

3) A structure is linked by foundation pieces. If you have two buildings near each other that aren't connected, they will not share a decay timer. You'll have to interact with both of them to get them to refresh. Notably, this means anything not on a foundation needs to be interacted with individually. So fish traps, map rooms in the open, etc, need to be interacted with nearly daily or they will decay away

4) When the counter reaches zero, the server deletes it. There may be an intermediary step where it goes unclaimed, but I haven't found any reliable information about this. The counter hitting zero definitely deletes it though

5) To see the decay timer, use a repair hammer

6) The six foundation minimum clean-up routine is not related to decay, and will get blown up each time the server checks the routine. I do not believe the repair hammer will show this, it will just go poof.

Bottom line - If you want structures to last, build with better material and larger size, and keep them connected via foundations. You can still build villages like I have at the pirate base, but you need to spend the resources to keep a foundation under them all. If you have fish traps and map rooms out in the open, you'll have to interact with them frequently or they'll go poof in about 48 hours. Map rooms I believe last a little longer than fish traps (i.e. higher level materials) but it's still a pretty short timer unless you put it into a room with a door on it. You will NOT get the 14 day timer that Pyldrvr is probably changing the server to on a little sandstone hut, so visit more often if that's all you've done.

(SOL) Navy Public Forum / Re: Been a while!
« on: July 12, 2018, 12:07:55 pm »
Well...I should take advantage of this thread to share as well....

Spawn 2.0 arrives in December.

Early congrats!

Though I'm not sure how many more of you the world can handle...

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Re: Decay is active!
« on: July 12, 2018, 06:49:40 am »
I agree with Iceghost that a little longer would be nice. I don't know if we need to stretch it out to three weeks, but 14 days could work. We'd only need someone to visit once if we're on a 2+ week vacation then.

We could wait until this weekend to implement the longer timer, so anything not visited this week will get cleaned up, and then extend it?

(SOL) Navy Public Forum / Re: Been a while!
« on: July 11, 2018, 11:00:39 am »
OMG that hair is amazing! Congrats!

it's a toupee

Bannta would recognize one due to his excessive familiarity with a merkin, but in this case I'm not so sure...

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Decay is active!
« on: July 11, 2018, 06:51:56 am »
This is a Public Service Announcement

The building decay on our server was not working previously, but is now working. This means buildings will decay within 6 days if they are not visited. The exact mechanics are not entirely clear, but a few things:
  • If you do have buildings or bases that you don't use, the system will first abandon them so they aren't owned, and then eventually destroy them
  • If you have something with 6 or less foundation blocks, this will happen within hours, not days
  • You can check the "decay timer" with a repair hammer. Things like fish traps will show "decay" on them in red when you get close to them as well
  • Just going to your structure and leaving isn't enough to prevent decay. The more decayed it is, the longer you need to stay there. Pyldrvr believe it updates decay every minute
  • Decay is a clan feature, so if someone else from your clan visits, it's good enough. So we can visit Horns while he's on vacation and keep his stuff intact

Overall server decay offers a couple advantages. Most importantly it gets rid of old things nobody is using any more to help the server run better and free up space for new things. Second, it makes having a lot of wide flung tiny little hidey holes a lot more work, which discourages people from just setting up a dozen safe houses all over and instead having only a few locations, enhancing PvP possibilities. You can't just stick a vault somewhere obscure and only visit it to pull out one uber thrall for example to keep people from finding out about it.

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Re: Server crash on Serpent boss fight
« on: July 09, 2018, 11:12:53 am »
Either the volcano instance or the dregs. But I doubt anyone was fighting either of those two while we were crashing. The patch notes said illusions, which is the volcano

Very nice! Those are awesome

Ah, gotcha. Also, it's a pain in the ass to fold a square into an equilateral triangle.

Not really. I fold the square in half to get a center line. Then I take a another square, and line it up with one corner and see where the length of the other corner intersects the fold line. Bam, instant equilateral triangle of the right size to match up with the original square.

How do you reverse an equilateral triangle?

Not a reverse of the triangle, a reverse of the angle you're laying the triangle out in. If you go T > T > T > T >T > T you end up making a circle. If you go T > RT > T > RT you end up making a line. I am trying to mess around with graphics programs and failing. I'm better at math :(

Though I think I just mathematically determined you can't get keep both the X and Y axis on a square "grid" using triangles. I can make one axis line up every other square, but I can't line it up in the other direction.

That said, an interesting pattern for a roundish type building my be squares then a line of T > RT > T > RT, then a line of squares and repeat, alternating squares and T > RT.

To be specific, the pattern above creates a roundish corner that is big enough to cover an entire square corner. I already knew you could achieve 90' easier and more squarish by going square -> triangle -> reverse triangle -> square, but then you're half a square off from your "grid". The pattern above gets you back "on grid".

But I didn't realize if you built two of the S -> T -> RT -> S patterns together, you achieve an "on-grid" pattern that nestles inside the pattern above...

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Right angles with equilateral triangles
« on: July 09, 2018, 08:27:44 am »
So I'm literally sitting at work right now with a dozen post-it notes (perfect squares) that I've then folded half of them into equilateral triangles. Trying to determine interesting ways to use triangles in walls and still work with triangles to make large areas. I've put together one interesting pattern to make a 90' angle with a mix of squares and triangles. Yes, it required math and yes, I could have just used math or MS Paint, but sometimes it just faster to use physical objects and spot check my math. My last geometry class was over half my life ago...

The pattern is:
Square -> Triangle -> Square -> Triangle -> Triangle -> Square -> Triangle - > Square

The first square and last square are "aligned" in the same direction. This lets you create an interesting corner on a "roundish" wall and keep it aligned to a square castle in the middle. The square before the last triangle ends up making a bit of point and ruins the "round" effect, but call it an architectural embellishment.

Back to doing some more math now. I THINK it's even possible to line this up so both the first and last squares are "lined up", so you could fill the whole thing in and not have a hole

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Hot Fix - Server needs patching
« on: July 09, 2018, 08:03:16 am »
There was a small hot fix about 40 minutes ago to fix server crashing. Bannta is still playing on unpatched server, but the rest of us will need to wait till it's patched :) I have 2 hours before lunch anyway, so I should be good. Thanks Pyl!

By the way... bark for days!

Using a pick on the dead trees now gives 22-24 bark, much more often than I used to ever get any bark. Getting up to 100 bark from a single dead tree with a macaroni pick.

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