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[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Decay system mechanics
« on: July 12, 2018, 12:35:22 pm »
So information on the decay system is scattered and not entirely accurate because it has changed several times and there are still bugs with it, not to mention a number of different systems in place for various decay items. A few things that I've been able to determine:

1) The "max decay" timer is a combination of base tier and size. So a little sandstone hut will have never get the max decay time and it has to be refreshed a lot more often. A giant tier 3 black ice structure will get the max possible decay timer

2) Using the door is the main trigger to stop the "timer". An hour after a door was used on a structure, the decay timer will begin. This is important, because just visiting a structure is not enough, you must interact with it.

3) A structure is linked by foundation pieces. If you have two buildings near each other that aren't connected, they will not share a decay timer. You'll have to interact with both of them to get them to refresh. Notably, this means anything not on a foundation needs to be interacted with individually. So fish traps, map rooms in the open, etc, need to be interacted with nearly daily or they will decay away

4) When the counter reaches zero, the server deletes it. There may be an intermediary step where it goes unclaimed, but I haven't found any reliable information about this. The counter hitting zero definitely deletes it though

5) To see the decay timer, use a repair hammer

6) The six foundation minimum clean-up routine is not related to decay, and will get blown up each time the server checks the routine. I do not believe the repair hammer will show this, it will just go poof.

Bottom line - If you want structures to last, build with better material and larger size, and keep them connected via foundations. You can still build villages like I have at the pirate base, but you need to spend the resources to keep a foundation under them all. If you have fish traps and map rooms out in the open, you'll have to interact with them frequently or they'll go poof in about 48 hours. Map rooms I believe last a little longer than fish traps (i.e. higher level materials) but it's still a pretty short timer unless you put it into a room with a door on it. You will NOT get the 14 day timer that Pyldrvr is probably changing the server to on a little sandstone hut, so visit more often if that's all you've done.

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Decay is active!
« on: July 11, 2018, 06:51:56 am »
This is a Public Service Announcement

The building decay on our server was not working previously, but is now working. This means buildings will decay within 6 days if they are not visited. The exact mechanics are not entirely clear, but a few things:
  • If you do have buildings or bases that you don't use, the system will first abandon them so they aren't owned, and then eventually destroy them
  • If you have something with 6 or less foundation blocks, this will happen within hours, not days
  • You can check the "decay timer" with a repair hammer. Things like fish traps will show "decay" on them in red when you get close to them as well
  • Just going to your structure and leaving isn't enough to prevent decay. The more decayed it is, the longer you need to stay there. Pyldrvr believe it updates decay every minute
  • Decay is a clan feature, so if someone else from your clan visits, it's good enough. So we can visit Horns while he's on vacation and keep his stuff intact

Overall server decay offers a couple advantages. Most importantly it gets rid of old things nobody is using any more to help the server run better and free up space for new things. Second, it makes having a lot of wide flung tiny little hidey holes a lot more work, which discourages people from just setting up a dozen safe houses all over and instead having only a few locations, enhancing PvP possibilities. You can't just stick a vault somewhere obscure and only visit it to pull out one uber thrall for example to keep people from finding out about it.

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Right angles with equilateral triangles
« on: July 09, 2018, 08:27:44 am »
So I'm literally sitting at work right now with a dozen post-it notes (perfect squares) that I've then folded half of them into equilateral triangles. Trying to determine interesting ways to use triangles in walls and still work with triangles to make large areas. I've put together one interesting pattern to make a 90' angle with a mix of squares and triangles. Yes, it required math and yes, I could have just used math or MS Paint, but sometimes it just faster to use physical objects and spot check my math. My last geometry class was over half my life ago...

The pattern is:
Square -> Triangle -> Square -> Triangle -> Triangle -> Square -> Triangle - > Square

The first square and last square are "aligned" in the same direction. This lets you create an interesting corner on a "roundish" wall and keep it aligned to a square castle in the middle. The square before the last triangle ends up making a bit of point and ruins the "round" effect, but call it an architectural embellishment.

Back to doing some more math now. I THINK it's even possible to line this up so both the first and last squares are "lined up", so you could fill the whole thing in and not have a hole

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Hot Fix - Server needs patching
« on: July 09, 2018, 08:03:16 am »
There was a small hot fix about 40 minutes ago to fix server crashing. Bannta is still playing on unpatched server, but the rest of us will need to wait till it's patched :) I have 2 hours before lunch anyway, so I should be good. Thanks Pyl!

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / New Patch - Wowzers
« on: July 05, 2018, 11:18:34 am »
So even without the patch notes, the few minutes I was able to play over lunch was good.

The pirate ship is now the giving ship of named thralls. They said they were adjusting the spawn rate for crafters on the ship, which I thought meant lowering it, but either they screwed up or it was actually the other direction. It was a named bonanza of thralls in the one clear that I went through, 6 named! I accidentally killed the Thrallmaster, but a named thrall master popped back in his place right after!

My two-handed sword feels much more nimble. It's like they sped it up. I'm used to having to wind up with the big heavy hit on the initial swing and time it for mobs running at me (obviously that doesn't work for PvP). But it seemed noticeably faster in the pirate ship clear, and the follow-up swing also seemed faster. Not only that, but it felt like I hit just a little bit harder. With only 20 points into strength, I was still able to two-shot one of the rock beasts, where normally it took me 3+ swings. It was borderline and not 100% repeatable, but I did it twice so it's possible that they fixed one of the strength talents or something. I did it while heavily encumbered, but more testing is needed.

I also feel like my base spawned in better. It's grown big enough that I sometimes have to stand at the steps waiting for it to load before I can go inside. But I didn't encounter that this time. Now I only spent time around my base, so this could be nothing but wishful thinking, but it seemed nice.

Also see my explosion post. Walls took a lot more damage. Vaults, no change. So it seems intentional? But now it's only like 3 jars to get through a single Tier 3 wall.

I also wish I would have stocked up on more insulated wood, but at least I did make quite a bit of it recently...

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Explosions?
« on: July 05, 2018, 10:08:50 am »
Holy crap. I just tested some explosions on a private server while waiting for SN to come back up. HUGELY buffed explosion damage vs walls. 25k to a black ice wall next to a single jar

It looks like the effect was not extended to vaults though. Same 5500 or so on vaults. This is with default settings, but it looks like bases are WAY easier to crack now than before.

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Difficulty Setting?
« on: July 03, 2018, 11:04:01 am »
What's the thoughts on upping the server difficulty setting? Currently Pyldrvr say it's set on Easy. Not quite sure what it does, but I think the idea of making a survival game a little more challenging would be good, especially now that most people are 60, or will be 60 very shortly.

I like the resource gathering set as it is because it already takes so long to build Tier 3 stuff, but I wouldn't mind if other PvE was more challenging.

Just throwing it out there for discussion, I'm not antsy about it and won't mind if we keep it on Easy... but who likes to say they play on easy? :)

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Other useful patch notes this week
« on: July 02, 2018, 07:27:04 am »
The patch this week has a LOT of fixes, but some important changes. Here are my highlights:

- Placing an item on the ground no longer triggers a basic attack animation; Hopefully this prevents accidental explosives triggering that has claimed the lives of Package and Bannta multiple times
- Irniz of the Furnace (Armorer from the pirate ship) remembers how to make epic flawless Zamoran Thief armor; light armor users rejoice!
- Fixed a bug allowing stamina regain while climbing; No more dropping a little bit to regain stamina and start climbing again
- NPCs can now attack different vertical heights with reach weapons; No more stabbing thralls in the feat while they can't hurt us
- Swimming no longer causes stamina drain; water assaults just became easier
- Fixed one of the invisible body bugs; of course, just one, implying more
- Kinscourge got his damage buffed; between this and attack down, he's going to be a lot rougher!
- Silent Legion armor now requires perfected armor pieces - Madmage is going to benefit a lot from having so much of it crafted already! Going to get a lot more expensive now
- Chests are harder to break
- Brimstone can now be harvested with a pickaxe!
- Armor penetration kit has been lowered from 15% to 5%
- The multiplier no longer effects skeleton keys, so now one boss kill = one skeleton key
- Shields have been buffed and provide much more armor
- Skinning knives now give less hide when used on humans

Exploit fix: Prevent building base at:
Inside mountain at Sillway base
Inside mesh at Kaels Stronghold.
Inside tube like structure next to Ruins of Xullan
Inside a tower near Priestkings Retreat
Inside tower near the Tradeway
East of Black Keep/Ruins of Xullan
In Deserter's Gutter tubes

This patch is coming this week. My guess is that when it does, anything that's built in the newly non-buildable areas will explode. Since I know the Beards have bases in the Gutter tubes, I know they're potentially impacted. Tesla has a thrall base at risk in that list as well. I don't know some of the other names, so it's possible they are in the jungle and E2, Teka and Durnan might have to be careful. Regardless, if you're in these areas, you might want to at least move your good stuff out soon and wait to see what happens before moving back in.

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Base Assault by Philo
« on: July 02, 2018, 06:46:48 am »
Learned a lot about assaulting a base last night as we actually attacked for real instead of just experimenting and throwing a hodge podge attack together. It takes a lot of work! It is not trivial to assault a base by any means. Go in unprepared and you'll waste a lot of resources for not much effect.

1) Have a nearby resource/storage place before the assault. It takes a lot of material to run a trebuchet or build explosives, and it takes too long to run back to a base to resupply. Don't forget useful little things like water. Stopping your attack to go get water is a quick way to failure.

2) A place for loot is probably less important, but you should still think about it. Often you'll be able to use the enemies map room to get out of their base with your ill gotten gains, which really helps. But don't count on it. It might be in a locked room you don't want to waste resources on, or maybe they picked it up to deny you the use of it.

3) Stack explosives. In some testing last night, it seemed that one big boom with lots of explosives at once did more damage than several smaller booms of the same resources. This requires more testing, but could be useful for getting into the toughest things like vaults.

4) Bring a hammer! Sometimes a critical wall segment will end up with single digit hit points and you don't want to waste explosives on that. Knowing how tough something is will be invaluable.

5) Don't throw grease onto an explosive jar fire. Grease actually lowered the fire damage ticks after the fact. I've been focused on defense for the last week, but this week I'm switching to offense and plan to do some more testing with grease, gas, fire and explosives. And internet wisdom is either wrong or not up to date, because we cost ourselves a lot of damage by throwing grease orbs onto existing fires, probably lowering the overall damage. Your best bet for now is use orbs for low HP damage and explosives for high, but keep them separate instead of using them together.

6) Even a single defender can ruin an attackers day. It's a lot of work to haul explosives, set them up, collect the loot, etc. If you leave because you're the only one on and your base is under attack by 5 people, you let them do whatever they want and they can carefully crack and loot the place. If you run around harassing them, you can probably pick off a guy carrying up more explosives, a guy running away with loot, or make someone accidentally set off their own explosives prematurely. You'll certainly slow them down, buying yourself time for allies or delay them till the raid window closes.

7) Take out supports. Going in through a roof is probably the easiest to get past  the outer defenses, but once in side go low. If you take out the bottom, everything above it goes poof as well.

8) Plan for collateral damage. Explosive damage mostly falls off very quickly, but it's still doing damage. You can use this by blowing up one side, then blowing up the other side and watch the middle crumble as well because it got enough splash from either direction. Use your explosives to maximum effect and crack the chest AND the wall it's near, that also happens to be supporting an extended ceiling.

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Base Defense by Philo
« on: July 02, 2018, 06:27:30 am »
Having now had a base robbed, having helped defend a base and having cracked into a base and spending WAY too many resources experimenting with buildings... Philo's base defense thoughts. Free to share for all on the server, I won't make these SN proprietary.

1) Assume your base can be attacked. Even if it's tough to climb, even if it's in some obscure place, even if you're built into game terrain. If you don't assume it can be attacked, you'll be sorry when it is. Example: Nothing stops someone from carrying a few yellow lotus potions to make a crazy climb/encumbrance build with gloves and boots and get up to your base, then drink the potion and prepare for the assault. Assume they've been planning and will have the food and armor to make the logistics possible.

2) Assume they will make a hole in every external piece they can. Have a nice gate house with 3 walls deep? They won't attack it and will instead aim at the corner next to it that is only one wall deep. Between game glitches, how long it takes a server to load in a big building and simple luck, they'll probably know to hit the weakest spot. When constructing, try to figure out, with all your knowledge, what the weakest spot is and assume that's where they'll attack. Don't forget ceilings! If they only have to blow one crenelation to climb onto your ceiling, and your ceiling is only 1 deep instead of the 6 deep walls, they'll go in through a roof.

3) Tier 3 minimum. Even if you put a facade of cheaper building parts because you like the aesthetics, you must have defensive layers of tier 3. Even that seems fairly prone to explosives, but tier 1 and tier 2 are trivially easy to blow through, or even just burn through with some of the lowest cost demolitions in the game.

4) Assume they can get past your outer defenses. It might take them a lot of explosives, but they'll eventually get in. So minimize the damage! If you have tough outer shell and a soft nuggety center, it will make it all worth it for them to get inside. Build internal walls and doors as well. If they get through an outer wall... get them stuck inside an inner courtyard full of more tier 3 walls and nothing to steal. Make them blow more walls to get at your smelters. And more walls to get your smiths. And even more walls to get your tanners. Yes, you have to balance accessibility for yourself, but a lot of bases are currently giant warehouses full of loot once they get inside the outer defenses.

5) Keep your most valuable stuff low. It's much easier to destroy the floor under a vault than it is to destroy the vault. And taking out the foundations of a giant tower brings the whole tower down, not just one room. It's more expensive and takes more room to build wide, but it's definitely worth it for defensive purposes.

6) Space out your stuff. Just like #5, this is more expensive in terms of building, but it keeps damage low when you're attacked. If you have 10 chests all packed close together and stacked on top of each other, it saves space, but it also means you can pop open all the chests at once rather than individually.

7) Thralls are useful! So I was skeptical about them at first, so much so that I've never even armed most of mine. But after seeing thralls in Silent Legion armor withstand an attack... yikes. Way tougher than when capturing them the first time. But don't let your thralls get stuck in narrow corridors and get murdered and looted one at a time. NPCs are tougher than players, but dumber than a box of rocks. Don't waste one off on its own to get picked off alone. Put them in areas where you can get 3-4 of them all chain aggro at once and you'll really slow down some attackers.

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Big patch due next week
« on: June 29, 2018, 06:31:07 am »
The big "500 fixes" patch is due next week! They weren't very detailed on if this includes the dungeons and pets or not, but they are aiming for "the big patch" next week! Huzzah! :alchy:

[SN] Conan Exiles Server / Uh oh... thrall wheels...
« on: June 27, 2018, 08:17:54 am »
So I came to a realization while thinking about the wheel of pain. We're bringing dozens of thralls back to our wheels and breaking their will to make them work for us. But you know who else has done that? The same guys who captured Conan and tried to break him on the wheel of pain. You know what happened to them, right?

I'm waiting for the Dev's to implement the "1 in 1000 thralls will turn out to be Conan Jr and gain god level destruction powers to level you, your base, and all the things you cherish in life" feature.

Star Citizen / Solo ship doctor?
« on: February 15, 2018, 01:06:20 pm »
I doubt anybody is spending more money at this point, but it looks like the next ship is ready for concept sale. The Vulcan, a solo support ship, able to refuel, rearm and emergency repair other ships. Guess it's going to have some robo-drones to help with the work for a solo pilot. It's an ugly brick of a ship, clearly designed for working rather than aesthetics, and retails around $185

Now if we could just get a stable game to play...

General Strategy / Stellaris politics
« on: February 15, 2018, 12:40:15 pm »
So at some point a few years ago I bought Stellaris and then never played it. Until I saw folks like Valen always playing it and thought I'd give it a whirl

Damn, awesome game. Very well done, one of the best 4x space games since the original Masters of Orion. Highly recommended for anyone who likes that style of game.

But here's my beef. Do you have to play politics? The first game I've won was when I accidentally vassalized myself to a super power. This provided me shelter and some war victories until I grew enough to fight for my independence and turn the tables on my former overlord. My other successful games have been similar... except me heading an alliance of friendly super powers.

When I've tried to be an insectoid menace eating my way across the galaxy, it works very successfully for the first 2/3rds of the game, but at some point every other alien species that's not dominated by crisis factions ends up allying up to kick my ass. And with the way fleet mechanics work, there's not a lot I can do about it. Is going solo even possible? Is it just playing the game on super hard core mode? I feel like allying up with enough aliens to whoop everyone else is a bit too easy, but going solo seems a bit too hard. I'm looking for the middle ground...

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