Author Topic: Happy birthday Rico!  (Read 1583 times)

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Re: Happy birthday Rico!
« Reply #15 on: May 30, 2017, 03:39:52 pm »
I happy birthdayed him on Facebook.
He clicked the like button!
I see how it is, you'll like Rico but not.

I thought I posted on your Facebook too.
I ain't Pyldrvr old, but sometimes I do stuff wrong on the webersphere.
I get pretty much every single person on my friends lists birthday updates. I don't wish any of them happy birthday on there, though as that can escalate very quickly. I do my slapper friends on the slapper whenever I find out about one, but that's as far as I go.

I don't have many SN folks on my Facebooky page thinger. Rico yes, Twinky no. I need to find a cheat sheet of names to real world names again, I've never done a good job of keeping them straight...

hmmm, not sure how I missed your B-Day twinky...somehow your not making The Facebook algorithm, EdgeRank..

Facebooks original News Feed ranking system was based on three elements:
Affinity: how close is the relationship between the user and the content or its source? Facebook doesn't seem to account for are sex status
Weight: what type of action was taken on the content? maybe, you don't have a valid birth can have one printed up in Hawaii pretty quick.
Time Decay: how current is the contenthow recently was it posted?Don't they know Twinky shelf life is 28-45 days?...granted a Maine school that's held on to one snack cake for nearly 40 years, part of a very long-running science experiment.