Author Topic: Historical European Martial Arts  (Read 7539 times)

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Re: Historical European Martial Arts
« Reply #15 on: November 03, 2015, 08:16:04 am »
the usually punishment for archers caught in battle was the removal of their two fingers
This is actually incorrect, but a commonly perpetuated myth. Noblemen (knights, generals, etc) were kept for their ransom value, at least in European warfare the foot troops were peasants not worth ransoming so they were usually executed if they were taken prisoner at all. Also, a medieval bow required 3 fingers on the strong hand to draw. No one really knows where the V=peace came from, but it wasn't Agincourt.

Most folks agree is was Crecy.
It may not have originated there or gotten it's original meaning from the bow fingers, but the adoption and association was so absolute that any earlier association was lost and forgotten.
Much like the swastika used to be a symbol of Hindu spirituality but is now a hate symbol.

Typically the French response to captured English archers (after Crecy) was
1) Removal of bow fingers
2) Castration
3) Disembowelment
4) Depending on time, Quartering, Beheading, Hanging, Let them slowly bleed out while the French laughed, Thrown in among hungry pigs, etc.

It was more like a standardized torture ritual post Crecy.
Many English archers just cut their own throats if capture was imminent.
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