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Re: Might & Magic X Legacy
« Reply #15 on: January 25, 2014, 01:52:18 am »
I like the style. I prefer the turn based combat for games like this too... that's the thing that kept me from playing Legend of Grimlock. I also like the de-emphasis on puzzles. I don't mind some puzzles, but when "puzzle" is just a euphemism for "run around clicking on any off colored background graphic to find a hidden switch" I'm not as keen.

I added to my wish list yesterday, but since it's supposed to be -20 this weekend and I don't have a working furnace, I think I better get that taken care of before I spend money on games.

I could keep you warm....we could spoon.

Sounds good Bannta! As long as you don't mind several cats and a couple of ferrets joining in...

ferrets, Bannta hates though little stink rats! I'm out of here...

We have now discovered the one thing in this world that will ward Bannta from his attempts at rape, sodomy, and man-sex...ferrets!  I recommend we all go buy atleast one...

Always buy ferrets in pairs. Well, you can get two separately, but you should always have two. The little buggers are so social, that keeping just one can actually result in them dying of loneliness. Unless you spend a lot of time with them anyway. Plus, you should always have a backup when Bannta is around.

I was considering one to hang out with my cats. I hear they get along pretty well and if they are a Bannta ward as well, double win  :cheers:
If it's a young cat, you should be golden.

Older cats... yeah, no so much. Most adult cats that have never met a ferret seem to have a panic attack and freak out. Cats that meet ferrets when they are kittens love to play with them though, and sometimes even seem to think they're ferrets (crawling into their nests, eating their food, pooping in their litter box)

Odd, I have seen Bannta pooping in my Cat's Litter box.

this true....but i didn't bury it, i want him to see

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Re: Might & Magic X Legacy
« Reply #16 on: May 25, 2017, 10:27:53 am »
I really don't know why has this series been developed for so long rly. Every next M&M was like respawning and sudden death of first person RPG to me. And I'm a big fan of Skyrim let's say, but not this one. And - there's no thread on HOM&M so it as the closest one for me to have a rant.